Thursday, January 30, 2020

january confessions

1.  I've been spending my weekends assembling chapbooks, drinking lots of coffee, napping (which I still can do with all that coffee) and watching #vanlife videos on Youtube.  While they appeal to my love of travel documentaries and sometimes go to really cool places.  The bans and vanners themselves very from the super outfitted like a house and bougie to the bare bones, poop-in-the-woods sort of set up.  While I love camping provided access to some sort of shower, I don't think I'd be willing to shove all my cats, books, art supplies, and dresses into such a small space and not lose my mind.  So I guess it will continue to be #apartmentlife for moi.

2.  I've been cheating a bit on poetry in the form of something that may be a short story, maybe something longer.  I regularly have a hard time telling what is prose, what is prose poetry, what is cnf, what is just fictional.  Bit I've been working , along with two other things, on something that feels more prose-ish and less poetic in general, and it's actually not too bad. We shall see what comes of it.  Meanwhile, I am loving the dog-girl series, and it's taking all sorts of twists and turns and p-o-v's I did not expect.  Keep an eye on facebook and twitter where I'll probably be sharing some bits as I go along.

3.  It's January, so of course, like last year, I should not be allowed to make decisions in my middle tundra of winter funk.  While last year this time I was conteplating a Ph.D in Library Science, this time it was a sudden desire to be either an evolutionary biologist or a cryptozoologist, with enough of a spark to have me googling career and education options. Even though I spent my last two years of high school and first semester of college intending to major in marine biologist, even now I realize it's a poor fit, but there is something about winter that has me imagining future and/or alternative lives. Perhaps it's just winter blues that have me contemplating a different life, even though I usually would say I'm pretty content in the one I possess. Drastic career choices aside, maybe my mind is telling me I want more science subject matter in my writing, which I am all on board for, especially after the extinction event poems went so well.

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