Monday, April 22, 2019

curvy girl fashion | bowl of cherries

A few years back, I bought the dress above, and while it was really nice in terms of fabric, it definitely became one of those NSFW items, where the top just felt a little too revealing and the skirt a little too short.  I have since acquired a number of dresses in the cherry pattern and they are one of summertime staples I'm anxious to pull out in a month or so. (including this one and this one.)  I also have the cutest embroidered cherry vintage purse that I adore.  I was complaining to a friend about how so often the cherry pattered stuff is a little too low cut or a little too short, and she said, well, duh, it's a little slutty and pinup-y and maybe she's right, but it's one of more favorite patterns for warm weather clothes.  (I also have a strawberry eshakti dress I love..and have been eyeing some cute flouncy lemon patterned dresses the past couple years, so bring on the summertime fruits. )

(Get a look at some more cherry-licious things on my pinterest board.)

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