Tuesday, September 04, 2018

and then it was fall....

It doesn't necessarily feel like it outside, but I feel it coming.  After a weekend in Rockford, I landed back yesterday to some crazy storms and a day spent napping.  I am back to my usual 2-10, and already feel much more productive in terms of both studio tasks, which are much, much smoother before an 8 hour work day, and work tasks, where I have slower evenings to do them. Altogether, less draining on several fronts.  Though it's busier in general and the printers are being horrible, I love the buzz when the new semester kicks in and everyone's classes and plans are all new penny shiny.  And though we're technically shorter staffed temporarily (which impacts the day shifters more than me anyway) it's a much, much happier place to work than it was a year ago.

I am awash in ILL requests and reserve processing, but am moving at a steady clip. We have a  board game night coming up Friday, but I'll be teaching a Household Printmaking workshop next week that should be a lot of fun and kicks off this semesters A of R shenanigans.  We'll also be starting to look at Beautiful Monstrosities submissions in another week and deciding on artists for the exhibit, which debuts in early October.

Though it's been too busy to get much down on paper, I am still making notes for another library-related writing piece that I am hoping to get a bite into this week.

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