Thursday, August 30, 2018

notes & things | 8/29/2018

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I feel like I'm running on fumes lately and it's the sum total of a number of things--summer hours in the library that, after 3 months of getting at least an hour less sleep per night,  will be ending soon. A general, physical level of exhaustion that seems exacerbated by the heat and humidity.  The fact that I am working at double pace in the library to get ready for the launch of the fall semester & reserves that need tending.   The fact that this weekend marks one year since my mom wound up in the hospital for surgery at the beginning of the end. All of it has me dragging through days and looking forward to at least some of these things lessening in the coming weeks (though those weeks will bring more things, but at least it will be more moderate in temperature.)

 Progress on taurus continues to go well (you can subscribe here if you are interested in seeing those developments.)  Last week I printed out everything I have written since January and it comes out just above 120 pages--a remarkably productive year that I hope continues--several small series completed and the bones of two different longer projects. One of them, the science of impossible objects, will unleashed in September as a zine project with its accompanying collages (you can get a taste @ White Stag and Occulum). I've also gotten a couple of acceptances, from Grimoire and Rust + Moth, this week from my steampunky-dystopian series ordinary planet. Next,  I'm going to be sending out some of the slenderman pieces and seeing if they stick anywhere now that I've polished them up a bit.

August's zine project is my little accordian book of garden collages.  I've been working digitally more and more, mostly because I find myself in front of computers so often with a few minutes to spare, but this fall I'm hoping to do some more paper oriented collaging with everything I've been hoarding at my desk in the library.

I am still wading a little bit further into dgp submissions and working on a couple amazing full-length critiques.  We close this weekend for the year, so there is still time to submit. I've already found quite a few that I am digging. I'm hoping to have responses out by the time November rolls around..

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