Thursday, July 07, 2016

In the realm of Library/Aesthetics of Research related news, we are gearing up for taking our Bookwrecking goodies on the road and over to the Small Prestivus Festival in Griffith, IN on July 23rd.  I've been hoarding all sorts of interesting things that are winding up on our discard carts, including some nice thick 800's Lit Books, perfect for sculptures, and some old atlases and maps. We'll be making all sorts of things--collages, origami, paper flowers, altered book scupltures, so it should be some good creative fun. (plus I have a brand new set of fancy edging scissors I am aching to play with.) The festival looks to be amazing with all sorts of cool bookish happenings.

We are also working on fall planning and already there is much goodness on the horizon, including things like our monthly zine nights, the salon reading series, nature printnmaking & hand stamped jewelry workshops, and of course the return of the Little Indie Press Festival. This fall's 1st Floor Exhibit is devoted to Tabletop, Board, and Card Game Art, and already we have the most awesome submissions rolling in.  I can't wait til we get it up on the walls...

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