Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I am back from a week off that included much merrymaking, including a little painting and writing, many naps, swimming in a tiny backyard pool, a little thrifting, perfecting a cranberry/peach scnappes/rum concoction, and a healthy dose of fireworks and sparklers. As usual when I find myself plunged back into reality and back at my desk, there is much chaos to comb through, both in the library and in the studio (and we won't even talk about the pre-vacation packing chaos in my apartment). I am making my way though it all slowly, or moreso, updating the blog in an effort to avoid it completely.

In the realm of writerly news, I have been slowly dispersing copies of SALVAGE to those I have promised them to.  I am also already working on proofs of LITTLE APOCALYPSE, which knowing how time flies, 2018 will be here sooner than we know.   There is also an upcoming review of MAJOR CHARACTERS IN MINOR FILMS in Red Paint Hill on the horizon, as well as poems forthcoming in Paper Darts and Midway Journal to look out for.

I always think some solid time off makes a good self-guided/imposed writing retreat, but it never really works out that way.  Outside of my recent isolation weekends where I've accomplished a lot of painting, writing is still best done in snippets, in late nights and sudden scrawls in the in-betweens. Goal setting helps, even if I don't always exactly stick to them.  I'm stuck in the midst of the Dali inspired poems I'd like to finish this summer, so we'll see how much progress I actually make. Also, some work on the erasure project I've been plotting.

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