Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yesterday in the studio did wind up being reasonably productive, since not only did I put the apocalypse theory poems to bed and submitted them to a chapbook press, but also scanned and started layout on the radio ocularia art pieces, which means as soon as I add the text and figure out the overall design, it will be debuting very soon.. Earlier this week, I also sent the moon poems off to another possible home.  I've been waffling over which writing project to turn my attention to next on my list (and despite what I've been crossing off, there is still a sizeable list of things both underway and to be started.)

I also photographed the backlog of original pieces I've been meaning to get into the shop. There will probably be some more prints of the anatomy pieces when I have time (right now, you can also get them in notecard form)...I'll be adding things throughout the week. I've also added some other paper related lovelies, including these little wallpaper notepads and desk tins.  My extra studio time has also produced some finishing up of mindless crafty things as well, some of which have been on hold for a year.

Press-wise, we are in the finishing stages of a couple chaps from  Megan Burbank, Laurie Blauner, and Tess Patalano, which will hopefully be launching before I head off for the holiday.I'm leaving out for some picnic and firework action Wednesday night, but will be back Sunday (my lengthier summer jaunt has been reserved for early August.)

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