Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've been a tiny knot of worry lately, thinking this afternoon that it would be nice to have one day without some tiny cloud or another hanging over my general sense of contentment.  But all in all, mostly, despite the worry (or maybe because of it) I've been subject to this sort of wild precarious happiness. And that is perhaps where the worrying part comes in. That something will happen to upset it.

I've got a couple of books and chapbooks projects coming out in the next few months, including girl show (see below) and I was thinking this afternoon about  how perhaps fortuitous is was the Ghost Road wound up tanking and it found a home at Black Lawrence. (a publishing outfit that's a bit larger and really amazing at promotion).  It took some extra time to get it out in the world, but it turned out to be an even better book because of it.  It seems to happen a lot lately in this economic environment..presses going under and books winding up back in people's laps, but I guess I still have faith they'll find their way to readers no matter what. (plus the lovely cover art action didn't exist until last year, so it wound up being a prettier book in design than it might have before.)  I also got a peak at the cover design on the shared properties of water and stars, whose release is nigh, and news that beautiful , sinister will likely be coming out in July. So all good news on the book front...

Otherwise, I did not have to go in for jury duty after all. and have been using my Yahoo Mail calendar for organization and task approach purposes, which is working on well, making me a little bit more smoothly productive of late and not so much with the general reactive chaos in terms of to-dos and deadlines.  I'm also determined to do another round of productive Saturday work on some art things in the studio this weekend and perhaps wrangle the apocalypse poems into something like a manuscript. 

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