Friday, June 21, 2013

the longest day, 2013 edition

The end of another week and crazy, crazy storms moving in. I've decided that tomorrow I am spending the entire day in the studio working on my own projects.  Inevitably, I end up putting out some press related fire or another, so we'll see if it works out.  I want to get the radio ocular text under wraps and some other things scanned.   My week otherwise has been the usual crazy with cover designs, chapbook layouts, library drudgery, but also banana crème blizzards from DQ, nightly walks downtown and new very pink sweaters.  At this point I am just looking forward to some time off over the 4th for some firework and potato salad festivities, but there is still another week in their somewhere with much, much work to do and possible jury duty yuckiness. I'm hoping to maybe get to an outdoor Bond film showing Monday, and maybe actually get into the theatre to see Before Midnight  to quell my sense of 90's nostalgia.  

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