Friday, June 07, 2013

I've slowly been working on re-tweeking the dgp webpages to change things up in terms of fonts & style, including our about page.  It's much more manageble and less stressful in small bits than a major overhall. 

Otherwise, it's Friday again and  I'm planning to spend some time this weekend in the studio making some books and then heading over at some point to peruse offerings at Printers Row.  Sadly, we're sitting this year's fest out for the first time in a few years.  Since the awesome cultural office that used to furnish free tent space was axed by the city,  it just wasn't fiscally a possibility this year. We kind of really would need a tent space, which is pricey (the tables are less so and  all fine and good until it rains--as it inevitably does at some point and you spend the entire day under dripping trees, which never bodes well for paper goods.) Plus, I'm sort of saving up for AWP-Seattle in terms of book fair funds. We always were pretty successful, though, so I might see what I can do about next year (even if it involves fashioning some sort of table umbrella contraption.) This year, I intend to just look around and buy some stuff if the weather holds on Saturday. Printers Row always feels like the official start of the summer season.  Lets hope it feels a little more like June and a little less like March out there.

I am working through some author copies this weekend, as well as perhaps the little booklet for the moon poems, involving some blue velvety paper loveliness.  Also, perhaps some crafty projects I've been putting off for months...

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