Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This week feels like one of those weeks that's all take and no give. I'm catching up with press work, and my daily plan schedule that I started last week (Marketing Mondays, Editorial Tuesday's, Design Wednesday, Distribution Thursday) seems to be yielding fruit, but I've been plagued by missing packages, pocket money woes (my own fault entirely) a sore throat, phantom shoulder pain, looming jury duty and no time for poems or art or anything related to my own work.  It's just my own crankiness and the fact that everything (everyone) seems so incredibly high maintenance lately. It all just makes me want to throw my hands  up in the air and hide in a cave for a few years and talk to no one..

But alas, I just need to stop being so moody...

We do have some awesome books about to emerge, titles from Eileen G'Sell, Kiely Sweatt, Karen Dietrich, Jillian Mukavetz, and Alexis Pope.  I've also made a good month's headway into our open reading period submissions and have made a few decisions, put aside a bunch to re-read later, and released some back into the wild.  We still have a couple month's left, so I'm trying not to snatch up the first lovely things I see to make us way too full to accept anything that comes at the end.  Since I tend to take on what I want, it's not usually an issue, but this year's schedule is pretty tight all the way through November, which leaves less leeway for books published in 2014.  We also have our big 10 year anniversary coming up next year, which means a bit more craziness I'm planning.  It's had to imagine that I've been doing this for 10 years and how much our little press has grown in that time.

Otherwise, this weekend, I am actually hoping to get to some of my own poems, some trashy novel reading, some Netflix viewing and maybe a trip to the beach one afternoon (I need to shoot some sand photos for an upcoming cover) and it's just been too chilly to do it most days.

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