Saturday, April 20, 2013

While this morning there was snow on the cars and ice on the sidewalk puddles, I am just about to blow this pop stand for far warmer climes, and when I return to the city on May 1st, I expect Chicago to have gotten its act together already.  I am packing up my sunscreen and flip flops and sundresses and vacating to the sunny shores (well hopefully) of Gulfport for the next week.   But before I head out tomorrow, there will be much hurried book making tonight, so while I'm stuck at the library, I am trying to iron out all the things I want to have ready to go when I get back.  I have four new titles set to go, one of which I released today, the others to follow next week, and all to go into production the following week.   I also have a couple updates for wicked alice I would like to get up in the next couple of days before I'm officially on vacation.

I am also dimly aware in the margins that Thursday is my birthday and yes, the 39th, and it puts me another year closer to 40 and all that scariness.  But if 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20, I should be okay. I'd hoped by this age, I would feel like a grown-up, but sometimes I'm beginning to wonder if there really is no such thing. 

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annette c. boehm said...

...I know what you mean, I keep thinking I should be feeling more grown up now, with my 35th coming up next month, but nada. Or not much at least. That said, towards the end of every semester I suddenly feel like I must be about 80, but that's a different story.
Hope you have a fun time in Gulfport!