Wednesday, April 03, 2013

So I am back in the saddle, or the saddle is back on me, after a few nice responsibility free days filled with thrifting and Wisconsin cheese procuring  I wound up with more baby swiss than I can possibly eat in a month, as well as amazing raspberry and peach salsas, a strawberry honey mustard, and  various vintage odds and ends for the studio & homefront (old frames and dessert plates and pillowcases, oh my..)

So now, to catch up on everything I neglected the past week, I am laying out some new chaps, setting up a giveway promotion, packing up orders from our last sale, and working on some covers. the bad news is I am feeling a little drained rather than refreshed and possibly coming down with a cold (I blame end of winter blues and a lack of sleep last week in general.)  I'm hoping some warmer temps and rest will fend it off, but I'm waning as the night goes on.

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