Monday, March 25, 2013

An early-to-rise spring break week and the best thing about it is that it will be a short one.  I am headed out of town on Wednesday night, but today, I'm feeling sort of dark and underslept and wavery at the edges.  What little sleep I did get was riddled by odd sorts of formless, forgettable dreams and annoying cat antics.   I do get some extra studio hours tonight and tomorrow, in which I intend to finish up copies of Emily Carr's book and send out a big batch of orders from late last week. 

I was in the studio Saturday finishing up some other stuff (some work on a library order, matting and photographing some of the square collages.)  But otherwise, I did little over the weekend but watch Les Miserables a couple times (which made my 18-year-old girl self very happy)  and make homemade pizza with sweet Italian sausage and a lot of mushrooms and garlic. I have a bunch of stuff due to finish when I get back to the city, but otherwise I am taking a few days off to indulge in some chocolate bunny eating / easter egg dyeing festivities, a day trip to Wisconsin,  and maybe some thrift store shenanigans.

From the light and lionish wind outside, I can tell it really wants to spring, but the temperature just doesn't seem to be cooperating.

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