Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The warmer, albeit gray, weather continues and I will be sort of sad to see it go. I am working steadily on and accomplishing much in the studio during the mornings when I am far more alert and productive than after a full day in the library, plus thinking about some future little distractions (one involving doll parts and beach going and photography) for some possible cover art (and maybe a series of things). My head is sort of muddy these days, but oddly fertile. My living room organization project (which was slow going over the weekend and now I am working at it piece by piece, area by area. I did find my awol netflix disc buried in the dvd cabinet and an old binder with high school essays in my file cabinet on things like governnment UFO conspiracies and Frankenstein.) There is still the CD cabinet and both bookshelves to work through, though, so we're not out of the woods just yet. I am pretty good about clutter in general, but I was amazed at what I have squirreled away out of sight--journals, folders of old poems, greeting cards, postcards, love letters (admittedly the biggest decision was tossing certain old letters that should have been tossed two years ago.) It's a nice feeling, all that purging, and it makes me want to do more (there is a whole other file box under my work table in the dining room that is writing related things--scrapbooks, spiral notebooks of short stories from 13 years ago, all of which can be scrapped eventually though I'm not sure I want to give it up (this from the girl that just recently allowed her mother to toss her several crates of college & grad school notebooks.)

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