Monday, January 28, 2013


It's the first day plunge into the new semester and I'm not sure whether I feel over whelmed or underwhelmed or just whelmed, but there has been chocolate, and a nice visit earlier in the studio with one of our upcoming authors to talk about her impending book. Amazingly, the cold snap of the last few weeks has thawed at least for a few days before winter comes back, so while things are rainy and a little messy, they are still infinitely more bearable. I think I even saw a very confused robin digging in a planterbox for earthworms. This week's plans include final edits on a batch of chaps set to be released (books by angela veronica wong, Sarah Sloat, Kelly Moffett, and Lisa Fink), sending off a more final version of the shared properties of water and stars off to Noctuary Press, and working hopefully on getting some more pieces for radio ocularia underwraps. I am blissfully happy to have my mornings/early afternoons back in the studio now that I'm doing the night shift again in the library. It's such more more effective to come to that wort of work when my head is still fresh and unmuddled from a day of library trivia.

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