Saturday, January 12, 2013

I was in bed pretty early last night, which means I have the usual 4 or 5am insomnia that always happens in that situation, that somehow always ends with me drinking tea in the chilly, grey, pre-dawn light and then going back to bed eventually. Nevertheless, I survived the week and am looking forward to a couple days off (well, by off I mean free from external obligation, which doesn't count studio time, of which I will be putting in some today having skipped out on it last night in favor of stuffed pizza and sleep .) There are lots of orders to fill and I would love to work on a few more pieces for unusual creatures. I'd also like to get back to the watercolors, but I am actually going to attempt my massive kitchen cleaning and reorganization, so we'll see how it goes. Already January is creeping by (a good thing--but also troubling).

Despite trying once again to blog every day, I am otherwise wordless this week, so no real writing. I did manage to get a submission off yesterday afternoon, so I guess that's more than usual (actually make that two since I mailed the moon manuscript off to another chap publisher earlier in the week after it came back with a rejection.) There are also a couple rougher spots in the shared properties of water and stars I'd like to take another pass over before it's published later this year, so this week I will try to do that. I am trying to keep my task list full but bite-sized so that I don't get overwhelmed, both at home and at work, but already things are starting to pile up on me. It doesn't help that I keep getting distracted by frivolity like hair color quandaries, Portlandia marathons, and shoe shopping, all major time sucks when I really should be writing.

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