Sunday, April 01, 2012

the cruelest month

I'm not sure what's up with the French and April and this flying fish thing, but I might have to look into it. But, yes, it's April, and as you can see in the post below I have already delved into NaPoWriMo. Not only is it poetry month, but also my birthday month and usually the month where spring really starts (though this year that is sort of anticlimatic since they've been blooming the past couple of weeks due to the mild winter and the heavenly weather. You will not exactly hear me complaining.) I am not only shedding my coat and boots, but all my pesky inner turmoil and determined to enjoy the next few months as they are meant to be enjoyed. I got the Selvedge cards in the mail Saturday, photographed the new prints for the shop, and already the dgp inbox is filling with new submissions, which are open as of today for books coming late this year and 2013. (I decided to have subs open longer and read them as I got them rather than hold everything to consider all at once.)

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