Monday, March 05, 2012

post conference re-cap

As with most plans, even the best laid ones are sometimes sent awry. I was still a bit behind schedule getting ready for Saturday, so I forfeited some panels and readings to spend more time in the studio working on things, which was probably better anyway, given how crazy everything seemed to be over at the Hilton and the book fair. Thursday, I did manage to make it over to the Beauty Bar for an awesome reading with the Sundress folks. I am loving the venue--it's retro beauty salon vibe and sparkly walls-- and may perhaps think about hosting a dgp event there at some point. I wound up reading several poems from havoc, which people seemed to like, and while I didn't try any of their specialty martinis, I did inbibe a few jack & cokes, which had me a bit blitzed while hunting several for some paper on my way back to the studio to squeeze in a couple more hours work.

Friday's panel went off splendidly, I would say probably around 60 people, many of whom told me afterwards that it was helpful. I love talking about press stuff (which I always feel is more practical and hands on than poetry). Afterwards I took in a friend's reading at the Columbia reception and then hung out at the bar in the gorgeous Palmer House lobby for a few hours. Saturday's open studio was alot of fun, and a chance to show off the latest dgp titles, hang out with the people who wrote them all afternoon, and in general, move a whole lot of books and artsy goods that should keep us in lovely paper and ink cartridges for quite awhile.

Despite the absolute chaos leading up to and during these things, I do always walk away from them creatively energized and excited by all sorts of possibilities, ideas, and projects coming down the pipeline in the coming months.

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