Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I tend to take alot of pics down at the studio of my workspace, but not so much my little work area at home, which was, before the studio space, the center of the action. I still keep my sewing and jewelry-making supplies there, as well as alot of the art materials, mostly since I try to stay up in the neighborhood on the weekends and not have to go all the way downtown. I call it "dgp north" (as opposed to "dgp south" which would be the library where I work on layouts when I'm stuck on the circ desk all night). It's definitely less chaotic than it used to be with shipping materials and half finished books all over. Since my good camera is down at the studio, though, I snapped a few phone shots and these were the least fuzzy. If you look on the table, you an see some things mid-stream, including those awesome little compartmentalized shadowboxes and some thriftstore frames I am cooking something up for.

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