Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I was awake early and down to the studio, mainly to direct my attention toward some visual art endeavors that needed wrapping up, mainly scanning and matting the fashiony series I finished over christmas break, printing the landscape/architecture zine (which I will unveil tomorrow), and playing around with plans for another one using the botanica automata collages. I am still working on the text portions, but it will most likely be a little packet of 6 x 6 prints with a little booklet in a glassine envelope. I like doing these, since it gives folks a rather inexpensive way to get ahold of the art (without having to buy an orginal or have somewhere to hang a print). There will be more, possibly a little accordian book for another project, and something for the fashiony ones. It's a fun diversion and since I am in bookmaking mode, they're pretty easy to cobble together.

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