Monday, September 12, 2011

from Pinterest

Today has been one of those days where I start a million things and finish nothing. It began with a poem shortly after getting out of bed. I am knee deep in the narrative project, which I am working on the structure of in blog form (well, private for now while it's taking shape.)I have alot of fragments, as well as ancillary texts that need to be woven in, also links to research, art, it seems to be working out wonderfully. I feel a renewed passion for it now that I can see it actually taking shape. I am built for story-making and this feels good, even though they are just prose poem snippets. Later in the studio, I was able to pack a few orders, but am stuck waiting on toner til tomorrow to do any serious printing and assembly. I also have the landscape/architecture zine project almost ready to go after I fiddle with the images a bit more. And the wicked alice issue mid-stride. I just keep telling myself not to panic, it'll all get done.

Otherwise, fall is creeping in a little more every day. Some of the trees down in front of the Congress Hotel have started to lose their leaves and are looking a bit brown around the edges.

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