Wednesday, September 14, 2011

giving it away for free

Because I am tired of kicking this box of them every time I cross my legs under my desk at work, I am going to be giving away a copy of The Archaeologist’s Daughter to anyone who wants to take one off my hands (please, take one!) This is older work, circa 2000-2001 and put out by Moon Journal Press a few years ago. I wound up with a whole lot of copies and have been hoarding them and wondering what the hell to do with them ever since. Considering at some point we will moving the library and everything in it, I would like to get rid of them before I have to schlep them somewhere else. A handful of the poems wound up in the fever almanac later on in different versions, but most of what is in here is exclusive to this particular chapbook (and unless you were lurking around on several internet zines in the early aughts, you might never have seen any of these.) A lot of them are poems about history, mythology, art, literature, evoking everything from Pompeii, Gold Rush brides and Rapunzel to Columbus, Degas’ dancers, Salem witches, and Helen of Troy. Moon Journal made a very pretty book as well. Get yours now by shooting me an e-mail and I will send one your way.

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