Thursday, September 01, 2011

swansong for summer

Summer is always the sweetest, shortest season for some reason. As I predicted, suddenly it's September and where did it go? It was a busy summer as usual, full of hectic chapbook assembly that started with the book fair prep and carried through the release blitz that lasted most of the summer (and still continues as I try to catch up). In between there were all sorts of fun things like pinatas and lakeside picnics, drunken revelry, perfect dresses, key lime pie, impromptu living room forts, trashy novels, and very productive thrifting excursions. Creativity-wise, there was re-ordering the havoc manuscipt, some new collages I will unveil shortly, some work on the novel in verse project. Also some not-fun things like tiny unrequited crushes and general romantic unrest, minor money woes (never enough to do all the things I want to do it seems) and a bit of ridiculous WebMd/Google fueled health obsessive-compulsiveness. But all in all the bad were minor and temporary and otherwise it was a damn good summer.

Labor Day signals the end, and this year I am in Rockford for it, so will be partaking in some yearly family cookout/fish fry fun. I am going to try making a simpler, less intensive version, of white sangria for it that hopefully, without all the hard liquor, be less likely to get me quite so drunk quite so fast.

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