Friday, September 02, 2011

10 resolutions for fall

1. get through the amazing fall dgp chapbook lineup (and the summer's remaining titles)

2. schedule a reading at Quimbys for November.

3. major restocking of shop before holiday shopping rush begins.

4. make alot of soup and freeze it (Paula Dean's chicken noodle recipe, greek lemon, french onion, chicken, mushroom & wild rice, baked potato, cream of artichoke.

5. finally, really, teach myself how to knit.

6. release both the landscape/architecture zine and the havoc chapbook.

7. complete the novel in verse manuscript (tenative title beautiful, sinister)

8. find the perfect a-line knee length tweed skirt and a black cardigan that will neither fade upon numerous washings nor collect cat hair like it's going outta style.

9. come up with a kick-ass Halloween Costume

10. host a party devoted to drunken board games


Bronwen said...

Wish we lived closer together so I could help with the knitting resolution. . .

Rachel Mallino said...

Knitting is tons of fun, Kristy. I love making cowls. They are easy and quick and you get use fun ribbons or buttons.