Saturday, July 23, 2011

mixtape love : the 70s

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So I've been listening to some old 70s stuff, the sort of songs I have this weird preternatural, almost non-verbal, affinity for, odd since I was probably under/around 5 years old or so when they were popular. These are the songs my older cousins blasted in my grandma's Suburban when they got radio control, things my mom listened to on her record player in the living rooom, or just random Top 40 radio fare. While my 80's choices would be as much dictated by the music videos for any given song and my own burgeoning choices in what I wanted to listen to, these are just sort of background things that caught my attention, and/or songs I later came to love. (I also might be fudging on the 79/80 line for the Blondie song..)


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Charlotte Hamrick said...

This 70's chick thinks this is a mighty fine list. :)