Saturday, March 07, 2009


quand il pleut
quand il pleut - by wickedpen on

I have definitely calmed down mentally a bit from midweek. I think it's just time contraints that make me crazy. The weather is also better slightly, and that helps somehow. I was enormously productive yesterday, working on new art, filling a large order for earrings for 14 bridesmaids, (my sister is overwhelmed with 3, so I can I can only imagine the chaos of 14). Also, some new flasks. I should have a pretty shiny new printer coming either today or Monday to get back to work on the books. AND, amazingly, I wrote two new poems this morning, (largely by forcing myself to not get distracted by e-mails and blogs and various junk.) I dont think I've wrtten two poems in one day since about ten years ago. It felt good (though I will tell you if they are crap when I look again at them tomorrow..)


Talia said...

Good for you. I haven't read a book of poems nor written any since joining facebook a few weeks ago. I'm horribly ashamed and need to take the advice of the quote I gave my students last week: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle.

Dana said...

You derailed my blogroll reading yesterday. Every time I come here and you have a new outfit up, I go to that site and lose hours of my life oooohing and aaaahing over shoes, skirts, purses and the like.


Kathy said...

Yes Kristy, you're latest polyvore has caused me to look at my black ballet flats as boring and loathsome without so much as a crochet rose or giant pearl to adorn them!

kristy bowen said...

LOL...wha's crazy is most of these clothes I'd never be able to afford, much less find them in a size that fits me..but oh, the lusting over them!