Monday, September 01, 2008

three day weekends

I am just now beginning to feel a bit more like myself after my hellish 9-5 last week, but, alas, will finally be back to having my mornings free once again (if not my evenings, but those are no good if I'm tired as hell and non-functional anyway). This weekend, I devoted to finishing up a few projects, making some collages, dying some slips, and general organization. I listed about 40 new things in the shop, including all the thrifted goodies from my vacation and some new jewelry.. I suppose it's officially fall, a time when I get a little bit of clarity and a renewed sense of getting things done, at least in terms of my own writing which keeps getting pushed aside for other things. I want to get the kissing disease in some sort of order. Not sure what to DO with it afterwards since I'm sort of soured on contests and submitting in general. It has crossed my mind to just self-publish a couple years from now, completely in the realm of possibility...the new book will be out soon, girl show next fall, so I have a while to decide.

Of course, Labor Day weekend has alot of ghosts, and they've been kicking my ass this weekend.

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