Saturday, August 30, 2008

new from dancing girl press

The Fire-Wife
Melissa Culbertson
dancing girl press, 2008
available here

divided highway

Kim Young
dancing girl press, 2008
available here

Elsewhere & Wise by Kristi Maxwell

News bits:

*Tomorrow is not only the last chance to submit your chapbook for our annual reading period (details here..)but also the last chance to take advantage of our Summer Sale (5 books /$20).

*see pics here at the Blossombones blog from the reading with Melissa Culbertson and Leigh Stein. I can't remember any reading I've ever been to where the writing styles matched up so well...

*in October, Melissa, Simone Muench, and Susan Slaviero (whose book will be out in January) will be reading at WomanMade Gallery in conjuntion with the exhibit "Objects of Desire"..details to come...

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