Wednesday, August 13, 2008


apparently my theory proves correct....

Months ago I was talking to someone about how likely it is that someone will try to off the democratic candidate (at the time whether it would have been Hilary or Obama) and that person said it was amazing that people weren't readily trying to do the same to the current administration. I came up with a theory that there is a big difference between the people who vehemently hate Republicans/conservatives and those that vehemently hate Democrats/liberals. Gun ownership.

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angela said...

wow. you are the only other person i've heard talk about this! every time i bring it up to someone (my fear of an attempt made on Obama's life), they say it's unreasonable. i wish it were unreasonable, unfortunately it's not. you raise a great point: gun control. i hadn't really thought about that as a factor in this but i think you're definitely on to something there. thanks for posting this.