Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tuesday that should be wednesday

For the past two weeks I continually find myself jumping ahead by a day, thinking it's one day when it's not. Last night an attempt to find hotel accommodations for my little upcoming mini-vacation after my reading in Atlanta next month turned into a three-hour bust. I was supposed to do laundry and work on sewing a few more slips for a boutique in Alaska that wants some on consignment. Instead I found myself scouring listings for what I was looking for to no avail. On the plus side, I am reading a good, slightly trashy / semi literary novel that is shaping up to be interesting, The Bronte Project by Jennifer Vandever picked up in the B&N bargain bin. Sort of bookish chicklit, I'd estimate. All is not lost, but of course there are several things I am silently freaking out about, but then that's usually the case. At least it's all quiet on the personal front these days, nothing solved mind you, and things still far from ideal, but I'm happy. Love is such a bitch.

late night edit:

It's all settled. I will be spending my birthday in Myrtle Beach, which is a straight 5-hour drive east over from Georgia State. I am just going to loaf and stare at the ocean. I desperately need a vacation. I seriously almost removed a girl's head and handed it to her tonight at the circ desk when she got all snippy about fines (for books that were SERIOUSLY overdue.) And Myrtle Beach is lovely, at least off season. We drove down there when I was living in Wilmington once. Of course, on the drearyest, frigid winter days I occasionally wish I'd stayed down there (in Wilmington at least)..but then I remember they get hit by a hurricane like every other year, which would definitely throw a wrench in things.

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