Thursday, March 27, 2008

small press month showcase @ the poetry center

Tomorrow night, we will be here, featuring our latest two poets, Melissa Severin (Brute Fact) and Daniela Olszewska (The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe), as well as Sarah Gardner, on loan from Iowa, whose How to Study Birds we published in 2006. We'll have all our newest books, including those, billet doux's, some copies of some oldies but goodies, and quite possibly, depending on how much stapling I can get done tonight, the much overdue wicked alice print annual. Also, if we're really lucky, perhaps a sneak peak at Mock Martyrs/ Abound(depending on how much stapling I can get TOMORROW.)

We are also putting the finishing touches on Melissa Crowe's Cirque du Creve-Coeur. I was going through the book a final time this afternoon and am, as with each chap, amazed at the sort of work we get the honor of publishing. And there is so much more this spring coming soon, incuding Maggie Ginestra's Darger poem series, and then May titles by Anne Heide and a collaboration from Miriam Pirone and Edward Smallfield. You will love them, I promise.

In the oh-my-god-I-am so-behind realm, the last of the billet-doux contributors and subscriber copies have finally been released into the wild and should be winging their way to you as we speak. I was also gazing rather warily at the wicked alice submissions, the spring issue of which is pretty much filled and we will be reading for summer through the end of April.

My nasty little bug seams to be abating though I determined yesterday that attempting any sewing whilst coughing is a rather dangerous endeavor.

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