Sunday, January 13, 2008

winter color obsessions

I always find myself especially atuned to color in the winter, especially since there is such an absence of it, an unbroken sea of bare branches, brown grass, grey sky and sidewalk. Even Lake Michigan is a cold silver most days when the sun is scarce. (and that's when there isn't a coating of white snow.) Lately, there's a shade of light blue going toward green with just a touch of creme I'm in love with(I'm usually not a fan of aqua and definitely not teal). I tried to approximate it in my blog background, but it has a bit more green to it than this. It also reminds me of those pastel party mints, but lightly richer and deeper. I tend to suffer from slight synaesthesia and if this color had a taste, it would be lightly minty, slightly buttery. It's also Marie Antoinette color--so it might taste like a rich buttercream frosting.

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