Saturday, January 12, 2008

uber-romantic unmentionables

I'll be posting more of these over the next couple of days in the shop as I finish them, including some more with milinery flowers, some with embroidery appliques, and whatever else I dream up...Since I'm a sewing machine spaz, all my hand-sewing is reminding me of my costume shop days back in college. (I usually worked in set-making, but since I was a girl they occasionally borrowed me because, apparently, they thought something in my genetics gives me a predisposition toward threading a needle.) Over the course of four years I sewed on quite a few buttons and elaborate bead arrangements and, once, latch hooked a man-sized dog costume. (Also dealt with hysterical actresses when things ripped, broke, or snagged during shows as occasional costume mistress--not pretty). The slip dresses are MUCH easier..

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