Thursday, May 24, 2007


While my love of Veronica Mars is indeed giving my love of BtVS a run for it's money (I've determined I love them both equally just in different ways--Buffy for it's creation of it's own world/ archetypal/ psychological truth and Veronica for it's existence very much in this one/sociological truth) I still heart Joss Whedon.

(link courtesy of JHG...)


Melissa said...

Lordy how I love the man. Thanks for this link. (I haven't read Whedonesque in awhile - too busy sniffling over the demise of Veronica Mars.) --Melissa at

amber said...

i know i'm not, but sometimes i feel alone out there in the buffyverse.

thank you for the link to whedonesque, and all that comes inside it.

K.A. Bell said...

I've never watched Veronica Mars but always heard it was really good. I was a huge Buffy and Angel fan. I was a big fan of Giles. I always liked the 'Ripper' persona of his.

Relief Map said...

firefly turned my prejudice against Westerns & Sci-Fi on its head thrice over. Stellar writing. And I admit, I'm one for the theme song.