Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yesterday, I got my shipment of these. I initially was just going to use them for my own purposes (and stop spending so much buying postcards on etsy), but they turned out so pretty I had to share…

Otherwise, I’ve been knee deep in chapbooks and paper, no isla encanta and the last of my own, plus the Cornell stuff, which is still growing and growing as we have more ideas. Look for it around mid to late June, since we’re debuting it at Woman Made Gallery for the collage reading / exhibition on July 1st. As you can see below, I’ve also set up the annual summer dgp reading at Quimby’s on the 14th, which will be very cool. So it’s a busy next couple of months. I’ve started laying out alluvium for June, then assembling that and the Cornell. Then mailing out the Dusie chap mid-month. Then alternating readings and vacations in July and August, and Simone and Jesse Nissim’s books.

Our reading period officially opens next Friday, though I doubt I’ll even be able to dip into the the stack until September. And there’s the print annual I haven’t even started working on yet.

Not to mention my own stuff. The only major thing in that arena is getting in the bird museum into a final version of some sort since winter will probably be here before we know it. New poems for the new thing are bound to be cropping up here and there, but I haven’t any real discipline lately, so I’m less productive creatively. Besides, I’ve determined to spend a good chunk this summer doing more visual work that I’ve been neglecting while I’ve been working on the thesis and such. It will be nice to switch into that gear.

Meanwhile, It’s been GORGEOUS out the last few days, harder to drag myself to work when I really just want to go to the beach, sitting over there all tempting while I’m en route to the library and it’s horrible flourescent glow. Today, the bus broke down and I took it as a chance to get an Italian soda from this yummy little chocolate cafĂ© then dally by the river for a few brief moments before catching another bus. I was late, but it improved my mood exponentially…

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