Monday, April 23, 2007

Today, spent a good part of the morning readying a rather large batch of dgp orders (well large compared to the usual 2-3/week) and drinking my new yummy blueberry tea courtesy of my mom. Also, this afternoon, fixing what I screwed up in the layout on the new chap on Friday. It was gorgeous when I went into work though, and today, I finally broke out the flip flops. My ideal state is pretty much barefoot all the time, so they're as close as I can get to that and still be wearing shoes.

Good things in the mail over the weekend, including the dgp foursquares (the fabric even prettier than I thought--I LOVE pink.) and some photos I ordered from here. Also via e-mail, an acceptance from no tell motel, where I'll be doing unspeakable things around the end of May.


michi said...

hey, congrats on no tell motel - i am jealous!

oh, and happy birthday! :) i hope everyone's spoiling you, and here's to a successful year and many hours with the muse!


Radish King said...

YAY! Congrats on the motel. Best place to spend a week.

CandyDishDoom said...

Congrats on the acceptance. I would delight in being published there.