Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A copy of feign goes to: Michelle Detorie

A copy of the fever almanac goes to: Mary Agner

A copy of The Archaeologist's Daughter goes to: Erin Lynn Marsh

And a copy of archer avenue goes to: Craig Perez

Thank you so much to everyone for playing...and reading...I plan to do another giveaway in the fall with dgp books, so stay tuned..


Previous winners:

Susan Denning (4/12)
Sina Evans (4/13)
Cecelia Hagen (4/14)
Eduardo C Corral (4/15)
Amber Nelson (4/16)
Nicole Cartwright Denison (4/17)
Bethany Carlson (4/18)
Anne Haines (4/19)
Rebecca Loudon (4/20)
Liz Gallagher (4/21)
Danielle Aquiline (4/22)
Ash Bowen (4/23)
Jill Bergkamp (4/24)

1 comment:

Radish King said...

Kristy, thank you for the beautiful Feign. I read it straight through as soon as it arrived and I have some thoughts about it, but I'm a slow thinker when it comes to poetry, so it might take time before they appear anywhere. Gorgeous cover.