Monday, October 09, 2006

Had an excellent time reading tonight at Molly's, and even braved the blue line out to it's very western edge should I ever want to return to that particular burb again. Of course one should never trust a girl who orders quesadillas in an Irish pub (they were damned good, though). I read some fever almanac stuff, some archer avenue pieces, and a handful of girl show poems. Managed to unload all ten copies of the chap I brought with me. Lets hope the book, when it's out sells similarly well, though not quite as cheaply. The open mic was a good crowd too. The nice thing about reading out there is you get some new faces along with the usuals which makes a good mix.

I find myself occasionally wishing I didn't work evenings and could go to all the readings and open-mics, and indeed all the stuff I miss doomed to the library during the school year. I don't miss it quite enough, however, to give up my cushy evening circ desk time, in which I get a heck of a lot of stuff done. Also my free mornings for writing. I wouldn't give those up, even miss them in the summer , having to squeeze in the time during the day, since I'm way too zonked from getting up early and the nasty rush-hour commuting. All I do is go home and surf the net or watch movies. Not much more mental energy than that.

My ideal weekday routine is up at 10 or so, do some writing, have breakfast, some tea or coffee, check my e-mail, shower, get dressed, go to work, do work-related things--book billings, tracking overdues, invoices, filing (woo-hoo, exciting stuff!) until around five, get some dinner, putter around with various poetry things, then spend two or three hours on the circ desk, getting dgp and wicked alice stuff done. Then home, where I do some blog reading and various online things, eat dinner, maybe watch some tv, then head to bed around 2am. Occasionally there's breakfast or lunch dates sandwhiched in, but not much happening socially Monday through Thurs--I sort of always hate living in the city amidst all the cultural fervor--lectures, exhibits, plays, readings, films, etc, and hardly ever getting to take advantage. Such is the life of a working girl..well not THAT kind of working girl--though that would probably be more lucrative...

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