Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slept very late today--had dreams about race horses bursting into flame and old hotels and horror movie type beheadings. I am, however, making good use of the new AC. The thermomenter says it's 92 degrees outside, but in here it's a cool 75. No more swelling doors and nights too hot to sleep. I hate having the windows closed, but the past five years of sweltering summers finally broke me down. I get a nice lake breeze, but even that's hot toward August. It's a pricey portable model, but also a dehimifier and heater, which will make winter and my skinflint super who never runs the heat enough, infinitely more bearable.

The last few weeks have brought some very cool things in the mail:

1. an issue of Hot Whiskey--gorgeously designed, as always. Their chapbooks make me salivate.

2. the after hours issue in which I'm featured poet, with six pieces, some older, some newer.

3. FOURSQUARE: this is way cool in it's pretty little cherry fabric envelope, haven't quite ever seen anything like it. Good stuff inside as well..

4. a copy of Crab Orchard Review--slick, thick and pretty.

5. two issues of The Tiny, which I ordered for the entirely shallow reason of their lovely collage cover art on issue 2, but found lots of goodies therein..

6. Issue of Miller's Pond, which has gone all glossy and perfectbound since the last issue I've seen.

7.Jen Tynes' The End of Rude Handles. Haven't been able to get to reading this yet, but I loved her Horseless chap and should like this.

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