Sunday, June 18, 2006

gone dark

Joseph Cornell
Bebe Marie

The damned halogen bulb in my desk lamp behind me has burned out, so I'm writing by the light filtering from the spotlight lamp across the room. Thus, I can barely see the keyboard as I type. It occurs to me I could move the laptop accross the room, but I probably won't. Seems to be a metaphor for alot of things lately. I could, but I won't. Awful weekend in general, sum total of a number of things, though my parents did stop in for an impromptu Father's day visit, which was a good distraction for awhile.

This week will hopefully be low in the work stress department. Our circ system is down for another two weeks for upgrades, which mean less work and more work at the same time--I don't have as many daily tasks to take care of, but explaining to people again and again why they can't renew, pay fines, see what they have checked out, etc. is a little wearing on me. The absense of technology usually at my fingertips freaks me out.

I'm about to start putting up the summer Chicago wicked alice, which looks to be a great issue. I hope to do some reviews of books by local poets if I get my ass in gear--at least three. I'd like to make it a regular thing as well in future issues, but if it depends on my writing them, that may not happen. It takes me eons to get to reading the stuff I buy and order online it seems, the stack is about a foot high right now. To expect a a review might be pushing it. I've been working on a re-design for the site--simple, cleaner, classier. More in line with what I've done with dancing girl, where I've try to allow the cover art to be the visual focus.

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Unknown said...

I'm happy to help with reviews, if you'd like. Of course, I'm moving to Colorado in a few months, and therefore won't be "local" myself for long, but could help via email. You have my email- shoot me a note if you want some help.