Wednesday, June 14, 2006

attack of the nimbys,1,15827.column?coll=chi-news-hed

I saw a clip of WGN coverage of this last week and could not believe the bougie frat boy types worrying that their wives & kids might see something naughty from the street. Despite the fact they've been assured nothing would be visible from outside, they worry about the "element" the store will bring to the neighborhood. (Mostly women and married couples statistically.) We know how traumatizing it might be for Bunny and the kids to see women lining up on the sidewalk for "the art of feminine dominance" whilst on route to the Baby Gap in the SUV..

What's worse is the protesters were my roughly my age. Since when did THIS generation become THOSE kind of people? They talk about "property values" and "neighborhood safety," but it's really that stick up their ass, (and the fact they probably aren't getting any.) I suggest the the protesters all move back to Winnetka or Wheaton, or one of those other burbs that start with W's. Places where it's all about good values and family and getting your porn and your whips on the web like everyone else.

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