Monday, May 22, 2006

Yesterday, a couple of excellent readings, the first at WomanMade Gallery's swanky new digs on Milwaukee, and then Myopic later in the evening. Since I never get over to that side of town very often, I took advantage of some strolling and shopping time and bought a couple of nifty looking chaps at Quimby's, though there wasn't much else new since I was there in January poetry-wise. Our books look a little more picked over with only 1 or 2 copies left which is a good sign.

I did register for classes on Friday for fall--the thesis developement seminar (in which I'll be joined by Brandi and the other Switchback Books gals) and a lit class on "Emerging American Poetries" which should a be a good compliment to last semester's Contemporary American class. I'm looking at the home stretch and seriously, it cannot get here fast enough. In the last couple of classes, David asked the graduating students if they were experiencing MFA burn-out after two years. Try THREE...of course I was sort of burned out after a semester, but that was a bad semester, a bad year. Luckily things have gotten better. Avoiding certain people in the program helped immeasurably.

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