Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm finally making some progress on gussying up some of the napowrimo stuff. Some of it's sideshow stuff and some of it Cornell. I'm finding my head is alot clearer without school work mucking it up, so I'm even approaching something like productivity these days. Have been thinking about my thesis, the critical portion, which may somehow tie the whole notion of the female gothic and ecriture feminine(Cixous) into poetry somehow, on down through confessionalists (Sexton, Plath anyway), how it manifests itself in fragmentation, ellipticism, surrealism among contemporary female poets, and how I see that operating in my own work. Which will probably be a good companion to my manuscript, whichever one it is, corruption and transgression in instabilities, and beauty and the grotesque in girl show. (I'm thinking it may be the latter the further I get with it with the revisions.)

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