Tuesday, April 25, 2006

older and wiser

Not a particularly stellar birthday (at least up until the last hour of it or so)...most of it having been celebrated over the weekend, but not terrible. The benchmark of crappy birthday's was when I was 26, living with my parents, and too broke to even pay the 10 bucks to renew my driver's license and wound up crying in the parking lot of a strip-mall in my messy, crappy-ass car, wondering where everything went so wrong. Today, class, then more class, then yummy banana creme pie in lieu of cake. Gifts this year mostly cash oddly, though I got a nice bottle of Irish Creme from my parents (who apparently like to keep their daughter all likkered up). In the mail, a ten dollar check from Agni for the poem they published and no rejections at least.

At lunch, had suddenly had a moment of clarity in regard to organizing instabilities. Since they deal with women and corruption and language in a lot of way, I was thinking of the idea of pre and post-lapsarian eve, since she makes a few appearances throughout the book, sort of pre-fall, fall, and fallen. Not in any heavy-handed obvious way, but just in regard to section organization--knowledge, and corruption, and language, hysteria, etc. Maybe epigraphs for each section somehow relecting this. Something to think about.


jeannine said...

Happy birthday - fellow Taurus :)

Ivy said...

Happy birthday!

brandijay said...

Kristy! You are SO in trouble! How can you sit in class and not say anything?

Happy birthday! ;)

wickedpen said...

jeannine & ivy,

thank you, gals


I think I was just feeling seriously old around all the young' uns...I think it's high time to start knocking one year off for every one gained, so by the time I'm forty I'll be 24. :)

Michelle Detorie said...

happy birthday!