Sunday, April 23, 2006

Amazingly, I've still been keeping up NAPOWRIMO-but sadly it's all crap, and pieces that might later be recombined to make actual poems. Honestly they suck so much, I'm hesitant to post them just yet. I'm just a day behind at this point, which is longer than I lasted last year, so I supose at least I've accomplished that.

I was re-reading Sabrinah Orah Mark's The Babies on the bus to work yesterday and kicking myself for not being able to do that. What she does. I'm not even sure exactly what she does, but it works. It's fucking awesome. Certainly one of my favorites I've read in the last couple of years.

For some reason, while I'm trying to work on poems for the new manuscript, the poems seem to want to go into the older one, instabilities (as it's currently being called). Still not sure about the thesis though, which one would work best--that or girl show. If I keep at it, the older one will be too long anyway. 60 pages is on the short side for a book. Though the fever almanac wound up only at 60 after I cut the fat out. So maybe this will too. I'm finding though that trying to arrange instabilities in any sort of logical manner is proving fruitless--sections and such--just not working. The first book was so easy, the semi-narrative arc of things guiding what went into what section, and the sections themselves easily defining themeselves. I had a hard time determining order, but each section remained by and large intact. This one has no story-like arc really, more a thematic arc, but that's proving messier than I thought. I won't really have time to play with it until summer anyway though. It's looking good though if I can just get the kinks out.

I'm just trying to hold my breath until the semester is over.

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shann said...

I think I've done some good ones this year- but I need to do some revising, of course. This is my 4th year, I'd have to check, maybe 11 or 12 of my previous years poems have been puiblished- not too bad.

it's a good exercise to get things flowing-