Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tonight I was working on doing some preliminary research and trying to come up with a topic for my craft seminar critical paper. I decided not to focus on the book I'm presenting in class--which is painfully dreary and dull--and instead do something on Jana Harris' pioneer woman narrative We Never Speak of It. I find that I really love doing the research part, which is why I get so into creative projects that involve research of some sort---the Archer Avenue project, the book of red, errata, my Cornell inspired series--but hate, HATE, writing papers. Not a good thing for a former English major. I used to see them as a necessary evil of the English program--now, I'm even more impatient with them. *sigh* perhaps I'll focus on landscape, or the persona poem as genre. I don't know. I'm so stunningly unenthused.

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