Tuesday, October 25, 2005

still giving it away for free (until Nov 1st)

Kristy Bowen
free for a limited time
dancing girl press

a series of rich, strange poems exploring the tensions between Victorian femininity and literary genre.

E-mail me at wickedpen74 at lycos.com if you'd like a copy.


Christine said...


Christine said...

I got it! It is soo fantastic -- I'm really, really impressed. The experiments with form and expectation are so clever! It knocked my socks off. And my shoes.

wickedpen said...

Christine-- so glad you liked it. I'm terribly flattered..

brandijay said...

Kristy, I've been meaning to tell you I want one but I'll pay you for it you nerd... just earmark one for me!

wickedpen said...

Brandi--no need to pay...just call this my stunt in shameless promotion...if I don't see you this week, I put one in your box in the Engl. Dept.

Suzanne said...

Got mine, too! Good, good, stuff, Kristy! Thank you.