Thursday, June 16, 2005

This morning I saw the biggest dragonfly I'd ever laid eyes on. Had to be a good three inches long. It landed on the bushes that front the catholic school and I nearly missed the bus whilst looking at it. The wings were this gorgeous transparent green that blended almost seamlessly into the leaves. I've always said that if I ever actually had the nerve to get a tattoo probably on my ankle, it would be a dragonfly. I'm a real wuss when it comes to pain, so I would have to be really drunk to even get me to the parlor.

Last night, there was apparently something going on in my building that required firemen. I heard the trucks pull up, but since my window faces the side of the building, couldn't make out where they were going. I flipped the t.v. to the door security cam and indeed, several firemen were marching in, clad in their equiptment, but no mass evacuation appeared to be going on. I stuck my head out the door into the hallway, no smoke, but I put the cat's in their carrier cages in case I needed to make a speedy getaway. Pretty soon, though, the firemen trailed out and left. Scary. Of course I'm only on the third floor, and the building is rather long and large, the whole to fourteen floors above me could be in flames and I might not know it.

Today's one of those rare lovely days when the heat and humidity has finally dwindled and it's sunny, windy, and cool. We don't have many days like this, And the longer we progress into summer, the less possible they are. I think I will go buy some yummy coconut shampoo and stop worrying about things.

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JHK said...

It has been wonderful weather recently. Cool and breezy enough to think without turning into a total crank.