Friday, June 17, 2005

I just wrote my first new piece since finishing feign two weeks ago, part of dulcet, the longer narrative sequence in prose poems I've been planning. Last week I was thinking I needed to take a breather and gather some inspiration. I had all sorts of projects up in the air, but no tools to work on them with. I think I milked every single poem out of me during the course of finishing the other book and had nothing left. This is actually my old recycled novel idea, spawned back in the day when I still wanted to write fiction, back when I still thought I had the discipline to do so. Just the first in the sequence so far, though I'm hoping to do a sort of peeling back, putting on layers sort of thing, something circular. There's still the Joseph Cornell poems and I'm going to try to work on both throughout the course of the summer. Maybe if I go back and forth I won't get so bogged down and blocked with one thing.

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